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Phoenix Brokers Group EOOD is a licensed international insurance broker.

We offer a wide range of insurance products on the Bulgarian and European markets in the scope of General Insurance, Life Insurance and Voluntary Health Insurance.

We value trust, quality and efficiency. We are fully focused on building fair partnerships with our clients. This is one of the main reasons to strive for a leading position among the insurance brokers.

For us, work is a pleasure and a challenge - we believe there are no unattainable desires and we are not afraid to look for new and individual insurance solutions for our clients every day.

The motto that defines us is "SUCCESS VIA EXPERIENCE", and the pursuit of continuous improvement of work processes, as well as adequate and professional service and competence of our employees, are a top priority for us.

We believe the key to success lies in experience, detail, hard work and a constant desire for development and improvement. Insurance is one of the most challenging and competitive areas in which no working day and individual case is similar to the previous one and the novelties are developing dynamically and interestingly.

Behind the corporate world stay people with their needs and personal characteristics - good insurance is insurance in which an individual approach and thought is invested.

Our team is serious, highly qualified and motivated and approaches its everyday tasks with enthusiasm and desire. We strive always to keep up with innovations and world experience, which is key in a dynamically developing field such as insurance.

Our mission has never been to conclude just another policy but to work to increase the overall insurance and business culture in our country. We believe that it depends to all of us to improve the business environment in Bulgaria. We think big and in perspective - it is a matter of joint efforts to build fair and fruitful business relationships with both our partners and competitors.

Insurance is prevention, care and responsibility - both to us and to our loved ones. Insurance is peace of mind and comfort - we can provide them for you.

From our own experience we believe that one of the most important things in the insurance industry is to guarantee our customers peace of mind and build relationships of complete fairness and confidentiality.

Phoenix Brokers Group is a different insurance broker because it offers not just an insurance policy but a complete insurance service, professional and adequate advice and support at every stage of the insurance process. We will be with you from the signing of the insurance policy until its expiry, including the process of communication with insurance companies.


The different broker - this is how we think of ourselves and we believe our mission is to improve the insurance environment and culture in Bulgaria, maintain high corporate ethics and exceed the expectations of our clients.

The individual approach and attention to the needs of everyone is one of our main objectives and advantages. Our numerous long-term partnerships and regular clients make us believe the efforts to be above all responsible, loyal and flexible and strive to find more non-standard insurance solutions work.

Apart from Bulgaria, Phoenix Brokers Group carries out insurance and reinsurance intermediary on the territory of the EU Member States - Italy and others.

link to FSC: https://www.fsc.bg/?page_id=23010


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