Health insurance

This type of insurance is suitable for Bulgarian and foreign citizens practicing various mountain sports – climbers, skiers, as well as for tourists who have decided to spend their free time in the mountains. The insurance covers the medical expenses for rendering first aid to the victim as a result of an accident or acute illness, the search and rescue operations performed by the Mountain Rescue Service, transportation costs, as well as death, trauma, permanent or temporary disability.
Mountain Insurance can be individual, group or family (two adults and one or more children), and concluded for a period of 1 day to 1 year.

Risks covered:

This insurance covers the risks:

  • rescue costs;
  • medical expenses;
  • rescue operation of the Mountain Rescue Service by a helicopter;
  • death or permanent incapacity for work due to an accident;
  • evacuation costs;
  • repatriation costs.


The price of the mountain insurance is formed, depending on the term of the insurance and the included risks covered, and may vary depending on whether the insurance is individual, group or family.

The subject of Supplementary Health Insurance is the improvement of health, treatment and financial support of health services and goods used by the Insured persons during the term of the insurance. The various health services and goods are grouped in packages. Each package is offered with different limits of liability by the Insurer.

The Health Insurance policies offered to Bulgarian and foreign citizens are individual, family and group.

The Health Insurance covers:

  • Improving health and preventing disease – includes comprehensive preventive examinations and laboratory tests in order to timely diagnose and treat a health problem;
  • Outpatient medical care – includes all examinations and tests that precede medical care in a hospital;
  • • Hospital medical care – combines the choice of medical institution and the preparation of your stay in it, including preparation of the necessary documentation;
  • Services related to living and other additional conditions – for example, accommodation in a separate hospital room with the necessary amenities for a more pleasant stay in the hospital, etc.;
  • Medical goods – to receive back the costs incurred by you for health services and goods (bandages, medicines and consumables) up to the limit specified in your Health Insurance policy.
  • Dental care – includes a thorough initial preventive examination, subsequent therapeutic activity, surgery, orthopedic activity on doctor’s prescription.

Undisputed advantages of medical insurance:

  • Personal care and attention;
  • Cheap way to get fast and timely medical care;
  • Clear regulations for using the service;
  • The service saves valuable time for the actively employed person;
  • Complex care and personal attitude in case of a health problem;
  • 24/7 medical assistance from the Call center;
  • Access to medical facilities with highly specialized medical equipment and medical specialists for diagnosis and treatment throughout the country;
  • Insurance cover tied to your individual needs at a reasonable price;
  • Cashless service in medical institutions with which the Insurer has a contract;
  • Saving time and money;
  • Calmness and security for solving any health problem.

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