Accident Insurance

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The Accident Insurance covers events related to the life and health of the Insured.

The Insurance Company pays to the Insured or to a person designated by him the sum insured and / or indemnity agreed in the policy, in case of occurrence of an insurance event within the covered risk.
The insurance is valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria

It is obligatory as per art. 55, para. 1 and para. 2 of the Social Security Code, as well as voluntary.
The insurance is concluded for the life and working capacity of the workers and employees who perform working activity whereat there is a danger for their life and health.

Under the conditions of this insurance, object of insurance are persons practicing non-professional sports (practicing a particular sport), Bulgarian and foreign athletes and coaches organized in teams, sports clubs, companies and federations, sports schools, national championships, etc., as well as persons engaged in sports activities in their free time.
The price of the insurance depends on the risk class of the sport, risks covered and amount of the sum insured.

Students and staff (teachers and service staff) of educational institutions are insured. Under these conditions, children and staff in kindergartens and nurseries are also insured. The insurance is valid both on the territory of the educational institution and outside it.
The price of the insurance depends on the risks covered and the amount of the sum insured.

Bulgarian or foreign citizens staying in hotels, motels, private accommodation, bungalows, chalets, etc. are insured. The Insurer is responsible for events that occur on the territory of the hotel and its adjacent territories.

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