Car insurance

"If you take good care of your car, it will take care of you on the road"

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (MTPL) is compulsory in the Republic of Bulgaria. When concluding MTPL, it provides insurance cover for damages caused by your car to other road users or other people’s property.
The insurance is valid on the territory of each member state of the European Union and the countries belonging to the European Economic Area. The Green Card certificate, issued free of charge to each insurance policy, covers the responsibility of the driver of the car for all other countries that are members of the international Green Card agreement.

The main factors for determining the price of MTPL insurance are:

  • Type and technical characteristics of the car – engine capacity, total weight or load capacity, number of seats, year of manufacture, fuel type.
  • Age and driving experience of the owner / usual driver.
  • Registration address and area of management.

According to the current tariffs, certain Insurers apply additional conditions when determining the price of the insurance.

Motor hull insurance is voluntary.

It provides cover for car against various risks such as fire, natural disasters, theft of car or equipment installed in it, traffic accidents due to collision with another car or object on the road, etc.

Risks covered:

Compensates for complete loss or partial damage to the insured car caused by risks grouped in the following clauses:
– Partial Casco Clause
– Theft Clause
– Full Casco Clause

Territorial Validity

The cover of AUTOCASCO Insurance is usually provided for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. For an additional fee or a combination of cover with compulsory MTPL insurance is extended abroad, usually for the member countries of the Green Card Agreement. Extended territorial cover usually limits the risk of theft only in EU member states.

In all cases when you have to travel abroad, we recommend you to consult with us or check the cover of the policy according to the General Conditions which are an integral part of the insurance policy.

Sum Insured

The sum insured of the car is equal to the actual price of the car as at date of concluding the insurance. It is determined by the methodology of insurance companies. In case the value for which the car is insured is lower than the one determined by the Insurer, there will be sub-insurance, which will lead to payment of insurance indemnities in incomplete amount.


Factors determining price are:

  • Type of car
  • Brand
  • Insurance value
  • Year of manufacture
  • History of damages in case of renewal of insurance in the same company.
  • Additional discounts provided by Insurers

Travel assistance – Car assistance

The insurance provides you with round-the-clock technical assistance in case the car you are driving has broken down, and if needed, medical assistance to the passengers. After calling the telephone number of the Assistance Center, indicated in the insurance policy, a specialized “Roadside Assistance” car is provided to the scene of accident.

According to its territorial cover, the insurance “Auto Assistance” is solved in the following two main options:

  • Car assistance for Bulgaria
  • Car assistance abroad

Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance

It covers both the movement of the vehicle itself and the embarkation and disembarkation. It guarantees to the owner of the car that there will be compensation for the passengers in this car in case some of them suffer non-pecuniary damage. There are two types of insurance – one is mandatory when the car is used for public transport, the other one is voluntary – when the car is used for personal or business purposes.

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