Agricultural insurance


The object of the insurance are all types of agricultural crops grown in the country.

Risks covered: Quantitative damage to the crop resulting from the following risks is covered:

  • Hail;
  • Storm;
  • Torrential rain;
  • Fire;
  • Frost;
  • Flood.

For autumn crops – additional cover against the risks:

  • Frost;
  • Pulling the stem;
  • Sleet;
  • Choking

The subject of this insurance are the plants as the main means of production but not the harvest from them. They are:

  • Non-fertile (Young non-fertile perennial clause)
  • Fruitful (Fruitful Clause)

The subject of this insurance are forest plantations as fixed assets up to 5 years of age – coniferous, deciduous, fast-growing and mixed species.
Risks covered:hail, storm, torrential rain, fire as a result of lightning, frost, hoarfrost, etc.

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