Best doctors

Best Doctors Health Insurance provides insured persons with services and medical expenses for the treatment of diseases covered and medical procedures required during the cover period. Coverage of treatment expenses of up to EUR 2 million for the entire period of validity of insurance.

Risks covered and medical procedures:
  • Cancer treatment
  • Cardiovascular procedures
  • Neurosurgery
  • Transplants
  • Cover is for treatment worldwide except the United States, Japan and Switzerland
  • Costs for medicines
  • Follow-up care performed in the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Provides access to the best medical experts worldwide
  • Ability to confirm the diagnosis and treatment by the best medical experts in the world
  • Treatment in the best international hospitals
  • Financially affordable product for the health of the whole family
  • Quick, easy and convenient procedure for filing a claim
  • Simplified procedure for concluding the insurance

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