Travel insurance


The insurance gives you the opportunity to receive highly qualified medical assistance in case of illness and / or accident, legal assistance in case of need, as well as a package of additional services, the purpose of which is to facilitate your travel and stay abroad.

The territorial scope of the insurance covers the whole world, except for the Republic of Bulgaria and the country of permanent residence of the Insured.

Object of insurance: Bulgarian and foreign persons.

Depending on your individual preferences, a wide range of coverage limits is presented for the Medical Costs risk.

Basic covers:

  • Medical expenses due to an accident or acute illness;
  • Emergency dental care;
  • Repatriation due to an accident or acute illness;

Additional covers:

  • Death by accident;
  • Permanent disability due to an accident;
  • Rescue costs;
  • Personal expenses due to an accident or acute illness;
  • Legal aid;
  • Civil liability to third parties;
  • Theft, loss or delay of personal luggage.

In case of an insured event occurred, the Insured is obliged to immediately contact the Assistance Company, which provides, selects and directs him to an appropriate medical institution or doctor, depending on his health condition, provides transport to the medical institution if necessary and pays the actual costs, medical examinations, treatment, including emergency dental care and purchased medicines.

Voluntary Travel Cancellation Insurance is suitable for persons traveling for tourist or business reasons on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad. This insurance covers the risk of canceled or missed travel for medical or non-medical reasons which do not depend on the will of the Insured and are unpredictable at the time of concluding the insurance.
The Insured is reimbursed for the costs of airline tickets and hotel reservations, as well as other travel or business services, the costs of which are incurred in advance and cannot be reimbursed upon cancellation of the trip.

Risks covered:

  • Cancellation or interruption of the trip
  • Delay or cancellation of an airplane flight
  • Death of the Insured as a result of an accident for persons over 14 years of age;
  • Accident or illness of the Insured, as a result of which at the beginning of the trip treatment is carried out and medical indicators are contraindicative for the trip
  • Unexpected worsening of a chronic illness of the Insured, requiring hospitalization, the medical indicators of which are contraindicative for travel
  • Complications during pregnancy of the Insured, provided that pregnancy has been medically established and confirmed after conclusion of insurance
  • Death, danger to life or hospitalization due to illness or accident of a close relative of the Insured


The price of Travel Cancellation Insurance is determined by the sum insured and number of days from the conclusion of insurance to the end date of trip. The sum insured represents total cost of trip (airline tickets, hotel reservations and other tourist and business services) total for all travelers.
The insurance is concluded within ten days after the day of the first payment of the reservation. For the payment made, the Insurer issues a payment document.

It is concluded in accordance with the ORDINANCE for the General Conditions, the minimum sum insured, the minimum insurance premium and the procedure for concluding Compulsory Medical Insurance for foreigners who reside for a short or long time in the Republic of Bulgaria or transit through the country (SG iss.51 of 2011, in force from 5.07.2011) Adopted by LCM № 80 from 3.05.2005, promulgated, SG, iss. 41 of 13.05.2005, amended and add. iss. 57 of 13.07.2007, iss. 51 of 5.07.2011, in force from 5.07.2011.

The insurance coveris valid for events occuringd with the Insured on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The term of validity of the insurance of foreigners who reside for a short time in the Republic of Bulgaria or transit through the country may not be longer than 90 days.

The term of validity of the insurance of foreigners who reside for a long time in the Republic of Bulgaria may not be longer than one year.

Risks covered Medical expenses for treatment and hospital stay in case of sudden, unexpected, unforeseen indisposition, illness or accident, including transport costs for accommodation or relocation. Medical costs for emergency dental care.

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