Financial insurance


Financial risks can be covered by various types of insurance products.

Easy cash flow planning, access to finance and increased sales, competitiveness and easier entry into new markets are just a few of the benefits of financial risk insurance

Insurance of Bulgarian investments realized in a foreign country under the form of capital, property, intangible rights or services.

Warranty insurance incl. also according to the provisions of Art. 111, para 1, i. 3 of the Public Procurement Act /BONDING /
Bid Bond Guarantee
Advance payment bond
Performance bond
Maintenance bond

Miscellaneous financial losses under commercial contracts of individuals and legal entities.

Pre-export Credit Insurance

Subject: Bank credit insurance granted for the production of goods or services for export.

Risks covered: Trade/Credit risks related to the debtor, foreign buyer and buyer’s country.

Commercial Risk Insurance

  • Commercial/Credit/Risk – Internal market /receivables insurance /;
  • Trade/Credit/Risk – Export /receivables insurance /;
  • / possibility to cover political risk /;

Subject: Payments under contracts for sale of goods or provision of services for a specified period of deferred payment.

Risks Covered:

  • Delay in payments;
  • Insolvency of the debtor (bankruptcy and liquidation);

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